Systems Engineering Services - Syracuse NY

System Engineering Services

Helping clients to integrate leading-edge solutions in today’s business world, RMS provides quality systems integration solutions, systems, services, and a wide array of technology and products for the following environments:

  • Systems Development
  • Applications and Systems Development and Support
  • Systems Planning and Evaluation
  • Enterprise/Decision Support and Information Systems
  • Network Integration Systems Engineers
  • Client-Server Technologies
  • Communication Engineers — FDDI – ATM – EDI – E-mail (Voice and Data)
  • Network Administration, Operations, and Maintenance
  • Systems Software Maintenance
  • Help Desk Support (PC/Server/Workstation/Mainframe)
  • PC Asset Management
  • Network Base Training

Other areas of expertise in System Engineering include:

  • Review and Assessment / Research
  • Conduct Technical Interchange meetings
  • Provide preliminary planning of the review agenda
  • Perform studies and Analyses addressing technical options
  • Evaluation of products and technologies
  • Security analysis and demonstration
  • Systems engineering support for component integration
  • Support for COTS hardware and software
  • Plan operational environment transition

Applications, Systems, Network Software Distributed and Supported

  • Microsoft Windows Server Products
  • Microsoft Windows Desktop OS Products
  • Nortel Networks
  • Lucent Technologies

Contract Experience

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District
    Provide systems engineering, information management, and technical support for the WAN/LAN for the Information Management Office.
  • U.S. Navy, NISE East Telecommunications Branch
    Provide systems engineering, information management, PBX equipment and software, fiber optic products, PBX telecommunications switch, and cable plant infrastructure upgrades.
  • Dept. of Veterans Affairs, V.A. Medical Center, Syracuse, New York
    Developed and installed employee Tuberculosis software system.
  • U.S. Dept. of Defense and all Military Agencies
    Provide PC peripherals to Loral Federal Systems (Lockheed Martin) as a subcontractor in support of SBIS-Sustaining Base Information Services.